Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Long lost friend - the country

I am country girl through and through. Today I woke up excited for my adventure to the strawberry patch. However, I got even more excited as I started to drive into a familiar area that is so unfamiliar in Michigan - farm land! The picture below is what I would love to see every day out my window. Born and raised in the country and you can not take it out of me. To see cows and horses as I drove along made me smile. I love the serenity and peacefulness of a country road. I love that my car has dirt on it from the dust that I kicked up behind it. I miss this life, the life where everyone knows you by name. I can't wait to go back to my newly found country living for more fresh picking.

Here are the little beauties. Very sweet and very yummy. It took me about an hour to fill my flat and it cost 18 dollars. Not a bad deal. As Pam said, it doesn't matter how much they are, they are worth every cent.
I have spent probably more than the average person in a strawberry patch as I worked on a Strawberry farm for my high school years. It is the best summer job that I could have ever had. It gave me a strong work ethic and gave me the appreciation for the great outdoors, as well as a good tan.
I marched up to the strawberry patch patroller and asked him what variety I was going to be picking, and he didn't know. I was like "You should know". I guess I am getting to be an old person. However, when I worked in the patch we use to know the different varieties and what they were good for - cooking, jams, and of course all were good for eating.
I found a great row along the irrigation system, so note to others, these rows where more plentiful than some in the center of the field.
So what did I do with my berries today? Well, Janet Jenkinson, my other old boss, would be proud of me. I made a batch of strawberry jam. I worked for Janet for a summer or (2) making gourmet jams. It was my other favorite job. I learned a lot of home keeping skills that have been incorporated into my daily living.
So other than the batch of jam, I made a strawberry pie, and a fresh fruit salad. And then I ate a couple of bowls, topped in whip cream in honor of my sister Pam.

Here is my flat- what is left of it. Any suggestions for what I should do. I am going to make a couple of more pies in preparation for my Brunch that I am hosting on Sunday. But, I will take any suggestions.

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pam said...

How was the pie? I'm sure as good as it looks!! Save us a jar of your yummy jam, though I think I will attempt to make my own this year on a M/W/F. You know why. What a great day you must of had, so jealous, as you know how mine was going. What a great day for your blog. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Love ya!