Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A long awaited update

The sun has been shining and calling me to the great outdoors, so I have not been very punctual at keeping up with my blogging. So here is an update on what is shakin in my neck of the woods.

We had a father's day brunch on Father's day for Ryan's dad. His family had been visiting for the weekend and I took the opportunity to host my first ever brunch. I quite enjoyed the brunch. It was great weather so we were able to sit outside on our back porch. I made 3 different kinds of quiches, salad, fresh cinnamon buns, fruits and veggies and fresh strawberry pies for dessert. It was a really nice day.

In late June, we helped Tyler and Claire move into their new home. This is their first home that they have purchased. It is a new construction and is located in Ajax, not far from Ryan's parents. It is a very nice home and we enjoyed helping them move in, and can't wait to come again to see how they have started to make it a home. It was nice while we were in town we got to see some friends from university.

We celebrated the 4th with our niece Emily's arrival for a week. Emily visits us each summer for about a week. This year I got tickets to the Broadway show "High School Musical" and we went and saw that together on Thursday afternoon. We then went to Ryan's work and visited Ryan in his office building. We came home that night and ordered take out pizza to celebrate Emily's report card of all A's and B's.

The next day Emily and I went off to the vegetable farm where we picked some more strawberries, raspberries, and sweet peas. We then headed off to the beach for some swimming in the afternoon. Emily had requested that while she was here she wanted to visit the museum of "Natural History". So, that night we went to Cranbrook's Science museum where we got to see some planets through the observatory. We saw Saturn and its rings, and the planet Jupiter with its 4 moons. As well as some spear heads, fossils, and dinosaur stuff. Emily really enjoyed this.
The next day was little J.J.'s 5th birthday party. Emily got the chance to go "tube riding". She loved it, she went 7 times. She had no fear. J.J.'s party was really great. It was on the beach and Heidi did a great job organizing the games and the kids had a great time. We came home that night and had a camp fire and tired to find some constellations that we had learned about the previous night at the museum.

On Sunday, my sister Pam, Matthew and Jillian arrived for the rest of Emily's stay. It was great to spend some time with all of them. So much so that they are coming back tomorrow for a couple of more days. We spent our days enjoying the hot summer weather. Pam bought a pool for the kids and they enjoyed playing in it. We went shopping. They enjoyed the mailman. We had a good time together. Matthew enjoyed his time with "The boss", as he affectionately calls Ryan. This name is because Ryan is the boss of his house and Matthew has to do what he says when he visits. Here are some pics from their visit.

Yesterday I had a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy done for this nausea and vomiting history that I have had and I had good reports - everything looked fine. Phew! Now, that was not much fun preparing for the tests but it was worth the report in the end.

That is about all I have been up to - oh yeh, I have been working as well. I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer weather. Talk to you soon, Kelly

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