Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ode to September

Bright sunny days. Clear blue skies. This last week has been heavenly and deserves to be appreciated in an "Ode". However, I am not an "Ode" writer. Rather just a blogger, but here is a go at an "Ode to September" Kelly style.....

I love September. It is one of the best months of the year.

The sun shines. The temperature does not soar to unbearable highs but relaxing temperatures where sitting in the sun is enjoyable.

Trees starting to turn, ever so slightly. Giving us a hint of what might be hiding under their greenery.

I hear kids walking to school as I laze in my bed early in the morning. Bikes pedalling, scooters zooming, and sneakers sneaking by.

People whistle as they walk. Breathing in the lovely air. Forgetting about what is to come. The cold and snow.

Drums pounding, clarinets tooting, and saxophones squawking as the marching band practices for the big game on Friday. These sounds travel into our outside dining room as we enjoy our nightly dinners.

Friday night games at the high school are tradition in the US. Saturday football is tradition in my living room. All signs of September.

Oversized sweaters and sweater socks. Blankets and lazing - a lovely thought.

September is a time to sit back and relax. How you relax is up to you, but that is some of what September means to me. Slow October's arrival, because with October comes the rake for the all the leaves . . .


pam said...

Oh, yes I remember the beautiful September days we spent with you and Ryan, is it two or three years ago now? I remember those band sounds from your patio. September is my favourite month too. Enjoy the next week! Love you.

The Rebelo Family said...

Hey now, I don't think I "squawked" the saxophone... I take offense! If anything, we were just trying to drown you clarinets out! Just kidding, your blog just made me reminisce about our band days... Thank god we didn't have to march those instruments up and down the football field!