Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just Swinging

Here is Lyla's first time swinging. We tried out the swing last night and didn't realize we could recline it, so it didn't work too well because Lyla really likes to lean to one side and it ended up leaning all the way so her head was on the tray. Isn't she funny! She was like "What have these two people put me in now?" But, she seemed to like it.

Here we are today, once we figured out that how to work it. I love the one sock look.


Grandma said...

Lyla is soooo!! cute. I also love her 1 month pictures. Can't believe she is one month old and getting bigger.

Love Grandma

love life said...

Lyla is the CUTEST baby cousin ever!! I cant wait to come and see her!! Tell her that her cousins Emily Matthew and Jillian and Aunt Pam and Uncle Tom will see her soon!!We love you guys so much its hard to believe that Lyla is 1 month old. I cant imagine you guy without Lyla. We love you all and hopefully this weekend we will come visit her!
Love Emily