Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

This past weekend was the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We returned back home on Saturday after being back at Ryan's hometown for his Grandma's funeral. The ride with a one year old leaves something to be desired, but that is another story. I worked on Sunday and then we got to relax together yesterday as a family.
First thing in the morning we went to the school and attempted to fly a kite. We had gotten Lyla a kite for her birthday. It was just a cheapie and not really the best. But Lyla still enjoyed chasing after her Teddy kite.

Lyla is getting more and more attached to me.. When I worked on Sunday Ryan had quite the time with her calling for me. He was laying in bed with her and there were pillows where I usually lie. She was crying for me and she lifted up the pillows to see if she could find me. Here is a picture of Lyla hugging my legs. She does this to both Ryan and I - kinda cute..

We then sat outside and had a picnic for Miss Lyla with her favorite Puffs. It was a nice afternoon just to sit outside together and play.

I thought I would take a moment to reflect upon last year's Memorial Day. Just a small little one, just over 2 weeks old. Memorial Day was the last day that Ryan had taken off to be at home with us after Lyla's birth. This was one of the first times we had Lyla outside without being in her stroller. Here we are one year ago.. And here we are this year....
It is amazing when you look at this photo to see how much our baby has changed in a year. Hope everyone had a great long weekend.

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pam said...

She just looks like a rag doll in the first picture. Now..just imagine another year from now!!