Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decking the Halls and Other Stuff Too

November flew by so quickly that I had no time to blog. My blogging time is usually when Lyla is having her afternoon nap and I have been pulling things out of the basement to turn our house into a Christmas Wonderland. This year has been especially fun decorating because Lyla is so excited about everything. She loves the lights, the trees, the decorations the carols, the nativity set, did I mention the deer. Well she is absolutely in love with deers. Her love started when she went for a walk one day and saw a group of them on a persons lawn. Ryan said she ran up to them with excitement. So, when I saw them on sale in an ad we went and bought two with the intentions of putting them outside. We put together the 'Buck' in our living room and that is where it has been since then. We tried to put it outside but she was really upset and it quickly came outside. She pets the deer, feeds the deer and talks to her deer. I often hear Lyla saying 'Here Deer" and she her handing him something 'Try' or 'Come On deer'. Here is a picture of Lyla and her Deer.. November marked Ryan's 30th Birthday. It feel on a Saturday and as I work every weekend I decided to surprise him and take a day off. I took off the next day instead, as Saturday is football day and I wanted to actually do something on his birthday rather than spend it watching football with him. Although I know he would have loved that as well. So anyways, in the morning we decided to go to our Cider Mill and luckily for us it wasn't busy and the animals were still there. Lyla got to enjoy her first pony ride. She was a little unsure of the whole thing but overall thought it was pretty great. She still talks about her pony and will take her toys and pretend to ride them and say 'Pony' and make the clipity-clopity sound. I am sure she is looking forward to another pony ride in her future as deer and horses are her two favorite things right now.

She got to also pet some sheep, goats, a lama and a yax that day at the Cider Mill. It was a great day.

In other exciting news, we turned Lyla's seat around that day. She was so excited about it that she wanted to sit in it after Ryan turned it around. She cried when we took her out of the seat. She loves to be able to look out and see things now. When the light turns green and we start to drive she often says 'Go Car'. She loves to see trucks and buses.

That night for Ryan's birthday he requested to go to P.F. Changs. We really haven't gone out for dinner that much so we were a little nervous about going out. Lyla had started to have a cough when ever she laid down and on that day she was was cranky to say the least so we were a little nervous going out. The bag was packed with all the essentials to save the dinner. But it was the M and M's that saved the day.
Here is Lyla in front of the Christmas tree at the mall before dinner. Doesn't she look really grown up??
Here are the horses outside of the restaurant. And all dinner Lyla whined about the 'Neigh-neighs'.
God bless the inventor of crayons...
Our 18 month old eating lo mien with chopsticks. She gave it a try.

Blowing out the Candles with Daddy. Lyla is really into birthdays. She says 'Happy Day'. And yesterday on Nana's Birthday she helped since Happy birthday to nana by putting in Nana's name.So she does look a little pale in these pictures. And as I said we were noticing this cough mostly when she would lay down to go to bed. So, she had her 18 month check up and and a low grade fever but otherwise she checked out fine. That night she woke up at 4am coughing and she had inspiratory stridor (a whistling sound with breathing). Her nose wasn't stuffy but her cough was very harsh and choking sounding. It actually made her throw up a couple of times. Anyways, I called the MD the next day and he wanted to see her. Sure enough, she had croup. He gave her Decradon, a steroid, to help with the inflammation of the vocal cords. Lyla did not have a good nap for 4 days. We went back and saw him 3 days later and she said that she was improving -Thank God! It was tiring and Lyla was very clingy during this time.

So as I said we have been decorating. And we got out a train and Lyla loved this. It was a lot of fun. She would put items in the train and take it out as it was going. We have since put it away as we have not as much room.
Here is my little night security officer. She found a flash light and loved it. She spent a lot of time flashing it around and checking out where the light stream went. It was pretty cute.

The same day we went out to eat again for Brunch. Lyla did great. And then we decided to put thee tree up. Lyla was so excited and loved seeing the whole process of decorating the trees. She loved the lights. ..
And she was a great help putting the lights up.
Lyla got to help put the star on top of the tree. I love this picture, it is so angelic.

We also put the lights up outside and finally got the other deer put together. We took Lyla outside after her nap and she went running over to the the flag which has Santa on it and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw another beloved deer. We have had some fun driving around looking at lights. She sees lights and oohs and ahhs as she looks at them. She tells us they are pretty or nice.. It is super cute.

It wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't look through toy catalogues and pick out what you like...

Thanksgiving was thrown in there as well. I actually worked thanksgiving day and I was supposed to work the Friday after, but I got low census and was able to stay home and have 2 days with Ryan and Lyla. We had not had two days together since August! It was great. We spent Friday by going to Windsor for my passport photo and we got to enjoy some Swiss Chalet as well. Then on Saturday we baked Christmas cookies and got our Christmas photos taken. Here are my two kitchen helpers washing the cookie cutters..
And here is Lyla and I cutting gingerbread cookies. She oohhed and ahhed about these as well. She loved cutting the cookies out and was eating the cookie dough raw. She enjoyed cutting the cookies more than decorating. But she has enjoyed eating the cookies now very much. Infact, we are going to make some more this weekend.

Here is Lyla checking out the tree. I love this picture - it could be a Christmas Card picture. The innocence of a child with a Christmas tree..
Another photo favorite is this one below. I have star lights that I hang in the front two upstairs windows. Lyla helped me unwind them and then she took her string and put it in this basket. She loves getting into boxes or baskets right now. So she climbed in and was playing with these lights for probably a half an hour. I finally got them away and they now hang up in our windows. She still loves to go and turn them on and wants to touch them.
This weeks was the lighting of a town that we live near. We took this opportunity to go to see the lights as well that Santa was going to be there with real live Reindeer. Of course when they light the town I was looking down and totally missed it, as did Ryan but whatever we enjoyed it and we are going to go every year.
Here is the highlight - the Deer! Lyla got right up to the the rope outside the fence and yelled 'MOO MOO!" She pointed and screamed and she had a great time.
So that is what we have been up to this November. We have been keeping busy that is for sure and now the house is decorated and we are enjoying the daily lighting of our lights and deers and inflatable bears there will sure be lots of delight from Lyla. Now we just have to finish the shopping, baking and wrapping. I am so excited about Santa this year! Tomorrow we are going to a community Christmas party where Lyla is going to get to see Santa. We are all looking forward to this.
I will leave you with one last photo of Lyla. We have also been enjoying the nice weather that November has brought us. I do think we are going to get some snow soon but we are able to go outside everyday to play on her new slide or to go and visit the deers down the street. The deers that she takes an ornament with her and feeds them their cookie from the sidewalk. It is so great to see her imagination starting to blossom...Oh and by the way, Lyla has pooped and peed on the potty multiple times since she turned 18 months. It started the day after she turned 18 months by telling me she had to poop and she wanted to sit on the chair. She was great for about a week then got her croup, since then it has been hit and miss. But we will keep encouraging her. Until next time... Hope you are having fun Decking your Halls..

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