Friday, March 12, 2010

Whew! How time flies!!

Here I am! If you all have been wondering where I have been, I honestly don't really know. I guess life just gets busy. February seemed to have been a bumpy month. Lyla went through a terrible phase where she did not want to sleep in her room alone. Napping was a fight and sometimes non existent unless she slept in our bed. Night time was again a fight and most nights Ryan or I had to lay on her floor for an hour until she fully fell asleep. And she was sleeping so lightly that she would wake up and notice Ryan or I not there , and mayhem would ensue. Then of course because Lyla was not sleeping, she got run down and of course got sick. She had a cold that lead to some croupy like symptoms, ended up at the doctor, steroids given and actually Lyla is FINALLY feeling more like herself now. Then Ryan and I ended up getting sick of course. I ended up sicker than Ryan - with a sinus infection, ended up on antibiotics but the best thing was a steroid shot for me and now I am starting to feel better. Then throw in the Winter Olympics in there - Yeh Canada Eh! And there goes February. As well we made a trip home to see Lyla's new cousin and to celebrate Emily's 12 birthday. So now I am back and I don't know where to start blogging.. so just hang tight and we will see where I start up again...

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