Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge - Niagara Falls

We had the opportunity to go to Niagara Falls for a wedding a couple of weekends ago and we seized this opportunity to go and stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. This is an indoor water park with a strong nature feel. Lyla LOVED it here. It isn't uncommon that Lyla will ask every day if we can go back to 'Wiley's House'. As I am typing this she is sitting at my side telling me that this first picture is where we went.
So here is a picture of the main entrance to 'Wiley's House' a.k.a. Great Wolf Lodge.
This is a pretty good family photo of all of us. Like I said we had a wedding, so here we are all decked out for our wedding best..
And here is the pretty princess all by herself...

Lyla and Daddy looking at some totem pool artwork...

Now, here was the all time favorite part of our trip. Meet Mo the Moose. Mo and his other forest friends were in the lobby of the GWL, and they would put on a show every day at 10 am and 8 pm. This was a highlight for Lyla. Other times of the day you could go up to the animals and activate them to talk to you by placing your hand on a hand print that correlated with each of the talking animals - a tree, bear and mo the moose.

Here is a picture of the entire gang - Mo, Mother bear, and the tree... During show time other friends would appear..
Lyla and the tree...

So as I said they had show time at 8 pm and then after that they would have bedtime story time. On this particular weekend it was Father's Day and for that occasion they took story time outside that night.. They danced and told stories -- her is Lyla dancing to YMCA.

Here she is listening to the morning show the next day...

They also had a service called cub club. This was a spot that you could go with your child to make a craft or play with toys. They also offered babysitting as well. We went to Cub club-where Lyla colored a t-shirt and made a flower pot.

Sitting on her balcony with her new friend - Moose. In the gift shop she made that moose - build a bear style...

Then of course there was the water park - we spent lots of time enjoying the water spraying and playing here at the water park.
Here is Lyla playing on what we called 'Frog Pond' - which wasn't what the actual name was = but it worked for us.. She loved jumping from Lilly pad to Lilly pad..

This big bucket of water would drop every so many minutes - we loved to see it spill over it made us laugh!

They had an outdoor pool as well - so nice... Lyla loved to swim around here..

They had a great deli and bakery for some oh so good sweets. Here is Lyla enjoying eating a Mo the Mousse.

More fun at bedtime story time - -

The guest of honor was Wiley the Wolf. He came and listened to the stories..

And then you could meet Wiley after - which Lyla still talks about..

They taught the kids how to do the great wolf howl.. here is Lyla howling her little heart out.. And of course, no trip to Niagara Falls would be complete without visiting the falls themselves...

We had a blast at the Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls and we cant wait to go back!

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pam said...

OMG! The howl is the cutest ever!!

What a great trip for you guys. Do you want to overlap at the cottage? We could go to Sauble?