Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just an update...

Time is flying by and I guess blogging has been put on the back burner.. so here I am with a quick update. The summer has been jammed full of just general fun stuff. The computer has been put aside and we are outside any free second we can get.

Lyla is starting the potty training experience. She has been pooping on the toilet since 19 months but has recently started to pee more frequently. Last Thursday and Friday she went all day without accidents! Yippee!! Then some days with accidents, and so far today has been good. The biggest thing with Lyla is that she doesn't want to stop to go pee - she has places to be and things to do!

On Thursday August 5th - Lyla sang the alphabet song to me! So she now knows the alphabet (at 26 months) and can count to 11 (omitting 3 and 4). I am very proud of her. There isn't any word or sentence that Lyla will not attempt in saying. She speaks very well. We are working on her pronunciation as she says -'Yeye-ya' as her name but yesterday Ryan heard her say it more clearly. Lyla is very social and loves kids. She goes up to them and says "Whats your name" Or "What are you doing" or she just follows them around..

Today we went to the local outdoor aquatic center and had a ball... Here is my little swimmer. I couldn't get any other pictures as I was in the pool with this fish the whole time.

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