Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back Again...

Well, here we are again! It seems like blogging has taken a backseat to our daily life here in the Hewlett household ad often I realize that I would like to be blogging and seem to not have time to get to it. So, here I am with a spare moment trying to add a quick post.
My new motto for this blog will probably be quick little updates. I will be using this primarily as a diary for myself, a spot to jot down some of life's precious moments, as heaven knows my mind is not always so good at remembering things..

So yesterday was Landon's 1st Valentine's Day.

I had made special valentines for the kids as well as decorated a bit in the house for the festive day. We went to the library program in Lucan and listened to valentine stories. Landon crawled up to the librarian for a closer look at the books. Lyla was thrilled that they read a "Little Bear" story about Valentine's Day. They also made a really cute Bear Valentine. We then came home and made some valentine cards and a cake for the ones we love.

Ryan came home with roses for myself, as well for Lyla with a heart balloon.

All in all, it was a nice Valentine's Day.

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