Monday, November 20, 2006

The Menu . . (Drum Roll please)

I have had some requests for this weekend's holiday menu so here it is . .

Dinner Menu

Turkey with Apple and spices brine
Deep fried Turkey
Turkey Pan Gravy
Sausage Dressing
Bread Dressing
Oven cooked ham
Cabbage Salad
Mashed Potatoes
Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Carmelized Apples
Green Bean Casserole
Cranberry and Chicken stocked soaked peas
Hot brown and serve rolls

Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Christmas PuddingAssorted Cookies

I know all your mouths are watering. For those who are coming, you better start your diet now because it won't stay with all this food.. Sorry :(


Leanne said...

Whhheeeeeeeewy! I think I gained two pounds reading that. Sounds stupendous...

We're taking donations of leftovers by mail, ...perhaps UPS is a better choice for the turkey....

Humble said...

what no chardonnay sorbet between courses? I hear it helps in digestion which I will surely need before getting to the "T" s, (for turkey)

The somelier(of course)