Friday, May 25, 2007

"Where's Kelly?"

Like "Where's Waldo", you all must have been wondering "Where's Kelly?" If I had been that character in those "search and find" children books I would probably have many activities in which you would find me. You would all be thinking that we did pack up and leave for Australia, which by the way, we aren't going.

First of all, I was sick. I thought I was getting better and went home for Jillian's baptism and got sick again after the baptism. I went to the doctor on that following Monday to find out that I was fighting off a pretty severe gastroenteritis. My blood work was pretty strange looking, but normal for a virus. I was also pretty dehydrated, which I knew. I am now feeling much better. However, I did burn two days of my combined time off due to my sickness, which is a bummer.

When I was home, I got to see some of my girlfriends from high school which was so nice. It was great to see you all and catch up. It is great that we can start off where we left off. Thanks for the great night.

My Dad is recovering from his surgery, and now we are preparing for my mom's surgery. She is having a thyroidectomy on Thursday, so again keep her in your thoughts.

The weather here has been beautiful. We have had sunshine and high temperatures above 85. So, as you all know that means it is planting season. I went off to Bordine's Nursery on Tuesday morning and bought about 75 dollars worth of plants. Luckily I had a gift certificate from the Hospital for nurses week. Then I headed over to my local Telly's and bought another 50 dollars worth. Luckily again, I had a gift card from Uncle Paul that I hadn't entirely used. I started planting and enjoying the sunshine. I did not get finished that day and with one more trip to the nursery and another 100 dollars later, I spent yesterday finishing my plants. We still have to work on planting some shrubs and hostas that I bought. As well, we are going to attempt a Vegetable garden. I don't know who successful we are going to be at that but we are going to give it a try. Unfortunately, we have a lot of shade in our yard, so that may be a down fall to our attempt, but we will see.

I can't explain how invigorating it is to work outside. I absolutely love to be outside with my hands in the dirt and the wind in my hair. Maybe it is all the years that I worked at the Strawberry and Vegetable farm. Those days were a lot of fun as well as a lot of hard work. It has made me appreciate the beauty of nature as well as the bounty of nature. Anyways, here are some photos of some of my plantings.
Happy Memorial weekend to everyone.



Very pretty Kel..I hear ya about the's like a wonderful kind of therapy for me.

Missed you on the 'night out' plans changed for us...glad to hear you all had fun. I see you got the Elvis booth!! Yay traditions :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better too...we had some serious strep go through hear and had a rough couple of days...but we're on the mend.

"talk" to you soon!


pam said...

Kelly: Very nice, I will bring the kids for a visit and we can enjoy your gardens/yard. Lorraine gave me one of those little plaques like the one you have at your front door. Although mine said, that all my weeds are wildflowers. you must of told her! Love ya.