Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. This year's Christmas has come and gone again. It always seems to creep up on you and then before you know it is over.
We had a really good Christmas though. The best Christmas gift that I received was that my vomiting has ended. I am off the Zofran pills finally. I still feel nauseated at times but I can handle that. I almost feel like I now have the morning sickness aspect of being pregnant, as I typically feel sick in the morning, then I eat something and feel fine.
The other exciting aspect is that I can definitely feel the baby kicking, poking and moving about inside me. It seems to like to hang out right under my right ribs, as I seem to feel the babe there daily now. It is cool that Ryan is able to feel the baby now, it is a neat thing to share.
We had our "big" ultrasound the on December 21st. This is the scan in which they can tell us the gender of the babe. We had decided to not find out and we kept to our decision. It was awful tempting to know that the ultrasound tech beside me knew exactly what we were having. It will be a good surprise though, and as one lady said it may be inspiration to get the baby out. The scan went well though, everything that they looked for was there. The estimated weight of the babe was 10 ounces. I will post a pic of the ultrasound.
The first of many girlfriends had her baby this week. Aliesha had a baby girl Ava Grace on Thursday. I am so excited for them. Congratulations Aliesha, Steve and little Ava! Next will be either Nat or Leanne, then Heidi and then me!
We traveled to Ontario twice as I had to work on Christmas Eve, so we had to come back for me to work and then left again on Christmas Day. We got to spend time with our families which was great. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

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