Sunday, December 16, 2007

Marshmallow World

Yes, we are living in a marshmallow world, and I love it! This morning when I was awaken by a loud clang of thunder I wondered what month I had slept until. I looked out the window to the blustery snow and tried to forget that I had to get up soon to drive to work. We had two loud clangs of thunder along with lightning. Pretty strange phenomenon to be having that during a snow storm.

I love the marshmallow world that fresh snow brings. I looked out the window at the trees covered in snow, the snow stacked up on the branches that later that day fluttered to the ground. The cars that were outside where a round mound of snow, actually looking like marshmallows. Oh, how I would have loved to have the day off. Just to sit and watch the snow come down and watch some Christmas movies with Ryan, perhaps by a roaring fire. However, the sick where a' callin, and off went the "sleigh" (as Ryan and I call the Grand Prix in the winter) into the storm. It was a slow go with horrid roads, or rather paths, and poor visibility, but me and the babe made it to work fine.

Work was a rather strange day. It was nice in the fact that many visitors where unable to make it in. I know that sounds horrible to say, but it is nice when there isn't a whole gaggle of people milling around your patients room as you come in and out trying to dance around them to do your job. My day was strange in the way of the people I cared for. Strange stories, strange personalities, strange habits, just plain strange people. My one patient tried to pet my face when I would bend over her, and she called me "her treasure." Now, if this was a cute little 85 year old lady, that would be fine, but rather this was a 43 year old lady, who told me even though she couldn't see with out her contacts in, I was really pretty. So, you can see how my day was just plain strange. Maybe it had to do with the thunder crashes from the morning - just set people off.

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are doing pretty good. Most of the gifts are bought. Ryan started to wrap this weekend, which is a great help. All the cards have been sent out, except for the neighbours. The house isn't decorated with my normal splendor but it is fine for this year, I just didn't feel up to it.

On the pregnancy front, I think I am starting to feel a tiny bit better. I had a couple of days without my Zofran pill. The first day I felt pretty good. I went out shopping, and only had a few incidents in which I thought I may be sick. I didn't feel 100% on the second day, but I got through it. I just wish my appetite would improve. I have started to feel the baby moving about inside me. Which is exciting. Ryan even thought he felt it moving last Sunday night which was cool. I haven't a clue what gender this babe is. I use to think girl, and now I am just clueless. Today, I listened to the heart beat at work, just checking in on it. The baby was moving around quite a bit so I couldn't get a real accurate heart rate. I think it was around 150. We go on Thursday for our anatomical ultrasound. This is the ultrasound where they could tell you what sex the baby is. We have decided we can wait until May. We might as well enjoy the surprise.

Anyways, I am exhausted and my back is killing me. Off to bed, night night all.

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