Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

We woke up to 2008 with a white blanket of snow. Luckily neither one of us had to work today. Rather it is New Years Day, a day of college football in the Hewlett household. We went out this morning and got the snow cleared. Rather, Ryan cleared the snow I just puttered around in the snowy wonderland. Here are some pictures of our snowy world. Fresh snow makes everything so pretty. It reminds me of how pretty our wedding day was.

Here is our cardinal amongst the snow covered bushes.
Wishing everyone a wonderful year in 2008.


love life said...

HI Aunt Kelly.I love the photos of The Winter Wonderland.I enjoys seeing you on Christmas Day.Hope to see you soon Matthew and Jillian Say hi.


pam said...

What a beautiful day in your neighbourhood. Today I took Emily out to Elaine's and the evergreens along that road were breathtaking. I wish you could of seen it!