Monday, January 7, 2008

Weight gain and Low Lying Placenta

Excitement to weight gain is a new phenomenon for most women. This is a phenomenon that I experienced today as I am finally back to my starting pregnancy weight. The funny thing is that when my doctor walked in and I said to him excitedly "I have gained weight!" He felt the need to tell me that over the holidays things like this happen and that it isn't a concern. I guess most women are upset when they put on 8 pounds since last visit, 4 weeks ago. Then he realized that I had been steadily loosing weight and he is excited as well. He says to me "That's great! We wanted to fatten you up didn't we?" So that made me happy.
The babe's heart rate was 150 today. The babe is a determined soul, constantly trying to stay away from the Doppler and moving away constantly. I guess you could say the babe is a shy soul.
Then my doctor told me that my placenta is "low lying" and that he will repeat my ultrasound at 28 weeks to see where it is. He really didn't make it out to be that big of a concern. A low lying placenta is when the placenta is lying in the lower aspect of the uterus, close to the cervix. Normally the placenta should be higher up. This becomes a concern especially if it is over the cervix, which he said mine is not. After 28 weeks, if the placenta remains to be near the cervix then you are diagnosed with Placenta Previa which is something that I am hoping won't be the case. Placenta Previa brings the concerns on excessive bleeding and usually means a c-section. I am hopeful that my placenta will migrate upwards, and this will no longer be a concern. As I said, the doctor didn't make this out to be a great concern at this time. Come 28 weeks we will have another ultrasound and see whats going on. I look at it as another chance to get to see how the babe is doing. I love when Ryan and I get to see the babe via ultrasound.

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