Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Belated "1st" and Happy 4th

Since Miss Lyla is a dual citizen, she was able to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st and today she celebrated the 4th of July. Her Aunt Pam bought her a Canada Day onesie to celebrate in style and I had an American one. Here in Michigan, maybe in the States entirely, they say "Happy 4th", so Happy 4th to you all. Lyla had a good 4th today, as Daddy was home and we got to spend some family time together. We went for a couple of walks and sat outside on a blanket. Currently she is swinging with Daddy entertaining her.


pam said...

Lyla: Happy 4th to our favourite little American!

Love you little girl, Aunt Pam, (and crew.)

love life said...

Lyla looks so cute I should make her a shirt that says Half Canadian half American girl I love all of the pictures !!

Love you Lyla Ryan Kelly
Love Cousin Emily

Kathryn said...

She is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 4th Lyla. Grandma and Grandpa Hewlett are going to bring you back something from Calgary. Maybe a "pony".

Love Grandma and Grandpa