Friday, August 22, 2008

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Lyla and I had an impromptu photo shoot this afternoon. We decided to try on a dress that she got along with some headbands from my parent's neighbours and they fit. So we decided to take some photos to commemorate these events. Do I really need a reason to take a picture of this cutie??

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love life said...

Lyla is so cute I love hearing stories seeeing her smile and just having her as a cousin. I love having as a cousin I think she might know my voice I hope so because it will be fun babysitting her.I hope I am one of her favourite cousins I know I will be!!! I loved seeing you again and hearing and seeing her do stuff.IT IS SO SO SO CUTE. She looks so much like her daddy and mommy.I am glad to be her cousin!!!!!!
BIG BIG hugs and kisses lots of love.

Love you favourite Emily