Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer time photos

Well, summer time is nearing the end, we had a whirlwind labor day weekend. Ryan had to travel to Los Angeles on Tuesday for business. He was on a short trip and returned on Thursday morning. During his time away I worked a shift at work and my parent's came to look after Lyla. My sister and her two girls; Emily and Jillian also came along. Here is a picture of the three girls together. Both Emily and Jillian were very eager to see and play with Lyla. They are going to be great cousins. Ryan arrived home at 6:30 am on Thursday morning after flying all night. He slept for a couple of hours and by 12:30 we were on the road again. We went to Paris to see Ryan's grandma Hewlett who had not yet seen Lyla and then headed to my parent's house for the night. The next morning Ryan and I got ready to go to Buffalo for a wedding. We had a busy day that day, travelling to Buffalo, attending the wedding, and then driving back home again. We got back to my parent's around 1:30am after driving through some of the worst fog I have ever encountered.

This weekend was "Kickoff Weekend" for College Football. And any of you that know Ryan know how passionate he is about college football. Here is a picture of my two Michigan fans as they watched the game together.A year ago this weekend, Ryan and I took a bunch of pictures outside on the hammock. As Lyla was napping we pulled our the hammock for the first time of the season and laid out and enjoyed the shade. When Lyla woke up we took a bunch of pictures, and here are some of them. Last year photos were just of Ryan and I, and little did we know that at time that I was pregnant. And here we are a year later with our beautiful baby. How things change in a year.


love life said...

thanks kelly I think we will make great cousins I am glad we got to come see you guys see you soon

Love Jillybean and Emily

Neet said...

Hi Kelly & Ryan:
Lorraine gave me your blog spot the pictures of Lyla are beautiful. Lorraine loves to brag about her and I know she enjoys the time she spends with her.
Take care