Saturday, November 1, 2008


She said it, and my heart soared! Tonight after Lyla had been put down to sleep. She was upstairs farting around and I was downstairs on the phone with my sister, and I heard it. She started with the "Muh-..... Muh".. Then with all my teaching and coaxing she put it together. Mum-ma! Then she kept saying it over and over until her Mum-ma went to her and there she gave me the biggest smile when I walked in. Like she knew she had accomplished what we had been working on.

In retrospect she seems to say her first words alone. When she sad da-da, she was alone up in her crib just waking up from her nap. Ryan says that her Da-da is too spaced apart and sounds more like babbling and he says her first word is Mum-ma because it was more compact and definite. We will have to see how she works her vocab now that she has these 2 words in her repertoire.

On another note, she loved Halloween. She is such a people person, and especially a little people person. I mean a kid person. We sat with her at the front door and opened up both doors. Ryan sat with her on the steps and then we put her activity center at the door so she could see all the kids as they came to the door. She would huff and puff excitedly and more her legs excitedly when people would come. It was very cute.

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love life said...

I CANT BELEIVE IT!!! Congrats Kelly I know you would have been so happy hearing Lyla say mum-ma.
I cant wait to see her and hear myself!!!! Its going to be exciting to hear her talk !!!!.........Hope to see you soon!!!

Bye little talker!!