Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick of Treat

In true Kelly fashion, I took 150 pictures this afternoon of Lyla's first Halloween...Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween, Happy Trick or Treating!


Grandma said...

She is such a Cutie and can see she is sitting up very well. Have a Happy Halloween!!!!!

Lyla looked like she was having fun with the leaves.

Love Grandma and Pops

The Rebelo Family said...

150 - you weren't kidding! :)

She looks as though she enjoyed Halloween, and the balmy weather out in the leaves! I do love autumn for that - the colours of fall!

love life said...

hi lyla you look so cute in the leaves and in your pumpkin costume!!

We love you so much little pumpikn,snowflake,flower.....

Love Aunt Pam,Uncle Tom,
Matty Jilly and and Emmy