Friday, December 5, 2008

How quickly the Christmas season is upon us..

Here we are 20 days before Christmas! 20 DAYS! That's it! That's all! I know this date with confidence as each morning Lyla and I advance our advent calender closer to the arrival of Santa Clause.I haven't even gotten all of my decorations out! I still haven't finished Lyla's stocking! I still haven't baked any holiday treats! The only thing is that even though the season is quickly enveloping us, all will be accomplished come the eve of December 24th only to have the holiday gone as quickly as it comes.

Christmas is a magical time of year. This is the only time when we decorate our homes inside and out with shiny glowing lights. Our hearts sing the carols that our ancestor's hearts sang. And the children's eagerness for Santa Clause is contagious.

Speaking of Santa Clause, Lyla had her first visit with this jolly old elf. Last weekend we took a road trip to Frankenmuth. As this was Lyla's "2nd" Thanksgiving, because she already had her Canadian Thanksgiving, we decided to start a new Thanksgiving tradition to go overnight to the Bavarian Inn and visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland to see Santa Clause.

This was Lyla's first trip to a hotel, and her first time to a swimming pool. She really enjoyed the pool, but more than the water and pool she enjoyed people watching. Lyla is really a people person. She loves looking at people and seeing what they are doing. So while she was in the pool, she was preoccupied with the children and people around the pool.

She had her first tub bath in the hotel and really enjoyed splashing in the water in the tub. She liked trying to get the bubbles that she caused splashing. We went out to eat at the Bavarian Inn restaurant, which was also a first for Lyla. This was her first restaurant visit and to say that she enjoyed this would be a lie. She was not a happy camper at the restaurant, but then again neither was I as I was feeling very sick, and ended up getting sick once we got back. Nothing to do with the food, I had started to feel sick the night before.
We stayed in the Bronner's suite at the hotel. This was in the tower entrance of the hotel, and we in the tower itself. There was a small Christmas tree in the room, which was great because we didn't need a night light with this on. Lyla and I had bought all of us matching pjs for Christmas morning and we brought the PJs for the trip. I am always saying that I wish I could wear Lyla's clothes and this was a dream come true for me, such comfy pjs.

The next morning we got up and were greeted by 6 inches of snow. We got a late check out and took Lyla back down to the pool for another swim. After her morning nap, we headed over to Bronner's for her meeting with St. Nick. She was so cute with Santa, they had a bit of a stare off with each other. She didn't cry though which was so good.

So, that is what we have been up to. It was a good trip away, and this next photo sums up how we all felt after we got home...

I must admit traveling with a baby is a lot of work, and I am not looking forward to travelling over the next couple of weeks. She was tired of driving after 1 hour let alone 4. Which has lead Ryan and I both wondering how Pam and Tom and the kids ever made it to Florida with Jillian just being 2 months older than Lyla! Where you guys crazy!!

I better run and get back to working on Lyla's stocking. I am almost done but I need all the time I can get.
Hope everyone is enjoying the preparation for this busy but joyous time of year...

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love life said...

Lyla you must have had fun!! did you like swimming in the pool and going in the tub tub So much fun see yall in 3 weeks!!! cant wait!!

Love Emmy