Friday, June 19, 2009

May 11th, 2009 - Lyla's 1st Birthday

I know my last post was all about Lyla's Birthday, but this post is going to be about her actually birthday - May 11th. I have been meaning to journal/blog this for a while and life with a toddler has become very busy.

So, let me reminisce about our family day together.

Lyla's birthday was on a Monday this year. This would be the last couple of days of Ryan's time off with Lyla. In that he had taken his vacation time in days here and there to be at home with Lyla when I was at work. This has been great for both Lyla and Ryan as they got to spend more time together. So for her birthday, Ryan and I had decided to both be at home for her birthday, so that we could celebrate her actual birthday together as a family.

Lyla got up in the morning to another mountain of presents. This time the presents were all from us. She opened the majority of her presents in the morning but did end up leaving some for a later day, just because she got sidetracked with all of her new stuff. Our gifts were mostly Gymboree themed. We bought her a set of musical instruments from Gymboree and of course another Gymbo doll. She also got a beach ball - which she loves - a personalized growth chart for her room, her kite which I talked about earlier, and honestly - other stuff that I don't really remember. Isn't that terrible. So as I said she opened her presents and played with Mama and Dada in the morning.

At this time, Lyla was still taking morning naps. So she went down for her morning nap and when she got up she received a birthday phone call from Jeffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us. This call was quite fitting because we had planned to go to the Zoo for the afternoon. So we had a quick lunch, packed it up and headed to the Zoo.

It was a nice sunny day that day. Not cold but not too warm. This was both Lyla and Ryan's first time to the Zoo and we had a great day. We ended up buying a seasons pass - so we anticipate that we will be visiting again this summer. We saw lots of different animals and Lyla called them all 'Pies', which in Lyla language is Puppies. She would point and say excitedly 'Pies! Pies!" This was very cute! She really liked the anteaters which I thought was pretty funny!

Before we left the zoo, we played at the playground. This was 4:06 - her birthday time. She was having a ball!

We then went home and picked up Wendy's and had birthday cake again with our little lady. Again, she wasn't too sure about this cake business. But she definitely loved us singing Happy Birthday to her.

It was a great day! I was so happy that Ryan was able to be a home with us so we could spend this special day together as a family!

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