Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Last Sunday was the honored Day of Fathers. Due to my weekend work schedule, we actually celebrated it a couple of weeks before. We took in a Gymboree class together as a family. Lyla got her Dad a ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and her gift was a really cool hat/t-shirt combo that said '#1 Dad' on it. Daddy choose a venue for dinner out and we all went to the park together to feed the ducks and play on the equipment. It was a great day.

On the actual Father's Day, Daddy and his girl took a trip to the zoo to see all of the animals. They had a great time. Lyla called a bear 'Teddy', the penguins 'Ducks', cows 'Moo-Moo', horses and zebras where 'Neigh-Neighs', and I think mostly everything else was 'Pies' (Puppies). Ryan has a video of her say 'Hi Money', which in Lyla lingo is Monkeys, so I guess she was saying Hi to them as well.

Her language continues to impress us. At the beginning of 13 months she had 38 words that she was saying consistently, and since then she has added more words - just like 'Money'.

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pam said...

Hope Ryan had a nice Father's Day, with his little girlie, who made him a Daddy!!