Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gymboree Halloween Party

Last week our Gymboree had a Halloween party in which you could sign up for. It was a small additional charge but well worth it. All 3 of us had a great time. There was about 20 kids at the party. They split us into 2 groups. We got to do crafts first and then play in the gym. They had parachute time at the end and Gymbo the Clown led a trick or treat parade around the gym. It was so much fun.
Here is Daddy and his Bumble bee looking at cut out pumpkins in the gym. Here is Lyla going up the 'Itsy-bitsy-spider' bridge. They had little pumpkin balls as you can see one in her hand.
We were in the first group to get to do the crafts. When we got there you got to pick out a pumpkin. The first craft was to paint the pumpkin and to decorate it with glitter after. Lyla had never painted before so I had to show her how to do it.

Once she got on to it, she started to paint. She did a great job!!

The second craft was to make a trick or treat bag. This was Lyla's favorite because she got to 'color' and she loves to 'color'. This was the first time she got to use markers too. We helped her put on some stickers and Lyla colored away happily.

After the crafts we got to head back into the gym and play for a while. Here we are putting cut outs of candy corn through the slots.

Gymbo even dressed up for the party. He was a cowboy (his hat had fallen off in this picture)

Lyla found this pumpkin basket and we had yet to get her one. Seeing her playing with this basket made us decide that she needed one for sure. She loved it and was sad to say goodbye to it at the end of the party.

They had parachute time at the end with some songs and bubbles.

Then Gymbo led the kids on their trick or treating parade. She got a straw, a sticker, a rubber duck with a witch's hat, and a bag of pretzels. Good loot!

Here is the 3 of us at the party.

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