Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lyla's First Birthday Party

At the beginning of March, Lyla's friends Charlotte and Jack had the 2nd birthday party. This was the first birthday party that Lyla had ever been invited to or attended for children her own age. Jennifer (C and J's mom) had 3 parties that weekend. This being the first at a play center in which she invited 16 2 year olds! Lyla had a complete ball! And I think all the kids did too! Thanks Jennifer for a great party!

Here are Charlotte and Jack playing at the grocery stand.
The party was at a place called Kiddie Klub and Lyla and I are looking forward to a rainy day in which we can go back in play. It has a large play structure and smaller rooms for dress up play, puppets, pretend play - kitchen and stuff, and a large play table. It is a great place to go and play and even eat. As there is a cafeteria with healthy food choices as well. This would be a great place for a play date.
Anyways, here are the kiddies sitting down for the lunch. My girly didn't sit too long, but she did for a short while...Cake time! Lyla was very excited to get a front row seat for this event. She loves cake to eat and she loves candle time.
Here is Lyla climbing up the large play scape. I had to go up with her - it was fun!

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