Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go Jump in Puddles

This week when Lyla and I went grocery shopping there where rain puddles in the parking lot. She got a huge smile and said to me 'go jump in puddles". I told her no because she was where sandals and socks (yes I know - it is a fashion statement, but when a toddler wants something there is no reasoning with her). Anyways, she giggled about this and was eager to get outside after shopping to again ' go jump in puddles' and this time I did allow for a quick puddle jumping before riding home.
Today the rain had come down hard as we were getting dressed. We opened the window and listened to the rain pouring and even sang 'Its raining! Its pouring! The old man is pouring!'. It cleared and I said to Lyla lets go outside and jump in the puddles. Needless to say, I didn't have to ask her twice. We got on her froggie boots, a hat because she wanted a 'rain hat', and her raincoat - which I don't have. And don't forget her purse! Which I think was a kick back to shopping on Monday because she had her purse then. Of course I took like 100 pictures, here are some of the jumping in puddle pictures for your enjoyment.

Here is one of the initial run through. At first she would just run through them. Then I showed her how to slash in them.

Having a good look at that puddle.

Splash! Splash! Splash!A good action shot of the water coming off her froggie..

One jump...

And one BIG jump....

And kerplunk! She had to jump RIGHT into the puddle...
Checking out the water, as it soaks into her pants..

One dirty and wet bum as she continues to run, jump, splash, giggle, and generally have a ball!

More Splash! Splash! Splash!

Good work froggies!! You sure are dirty! I bet you had just as much fun as Lyla did!

Then the garbage truck came - which is another post all in itself! Hope you are all enjoying the rainy day!

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