Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lyla's 2nd birthday

Today my baby doll turns 2! Where has 2 years gone? In fact, her actual birth time is 4:06 pm - so as I type she is 2 years old! She slept right through the 4:06 marker today. That is alright - we are going to celebrate when Daddy gets home from work.

Anyways, back to reminiscing - where has 2 years gone? How can my little baby be such a big girl. I feel like just yesterday that I was bringing her come from the hospital. Where it has been 2 whole years. Lyla has learned so much in these last two years it is astronomical!

Today has been a rainy day -similar to May 11, 2008. It was a rainy dull day the day she was born. Today has been a constant rainy day which reminded me of going to the hospital to have Lyla.

We celebrated her birthday this past Saturday at Nana and Papa's house. The theme this year was barnyard. This was very fitting as Lyla loves anything to do with the farm. She loves going to Nana and Papa's to go to see Windy the horse beside their house, and to go visit Uncle Bill's farm - especially Murray the Cow.

Here are some pictures from Lyla's 2nd Birthday party...

Such a pretty girl!! Love this picture - notice the cow in hand!

Our family photo!

Here is the spread. Yummy barbecued beef on a bum, broccoli salad, rotini salad, veggies.. mm mm it was all so good! Thanks to Huron Shores catering!

Cousins... Lyla loves playing with Jillian and Matthew. She looks forward to playing with them whenever we go to Nana and Papas house.Ta-Da! Here is the cake! It was a 9 x 13 chocolate cake that I made into a barn. Then white cupcakes decorated either like chicks, pigs or sheep! This cake was super cute and not too difficult to make. It was a lot of fun and a crowd pleasure too! The kiddies all loved the pig cupcakes. So much that I have only barn cake left and Lyla wants pig cupcakes for her actual birthday. So today I made more pig cupcakes so she can have some tonight.
After we sang happy birthday and Lyla blew out her candle she picked her pig cupcake right from the tray...

And boy oh boy it was yummy...Here are the girls admiring Lyla's baby cousin Kayley...Opening the gifts...
Jillian was a good big helper..

Here is a picture of Lyla and her grandparents - Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Papa.
More cousin pictures...

Lyla loved the party hats and the party blowers. She enjoyed blowing the blowers very much!

It was a great 2nd birthday party! We all had lots of fun!
Tonight we are going to have our own small party. I haven't decided what to do for dinner but we will figure it out. It is still pouring rain here!
Dear Lyla -
Today you turn 2! Look at you! You have become such a big girl and such a big helper to me. I always am telling you that you have nice helping hands as you are always wanting to help me in the kitchen, cleaning the house or tiding up your toys. You love to read books and your vocabulary is fantastic. There is nothing you cant say. You talk to me in sentences now! You love other kids and love to play with kids either your cousins or kids at the park or gymboree. You love to be outside riding your bike, going for walks, or playing in your water table.
You have a funny sense of humor and make silly faces all the time. You ask 'why' a lot now. You are learning to potty train and haven't poop in your pants since before Christmas! You are very independent and try to do things yourself. You still need some help. You are even trying to put on your own clothes at times. You love trucks, diggers and cranes and look for them while we drive. You still call me Muma which makes my heart melt. Your favorite shows are Caillou, little bear and Thomas. You are a very sweet girl and I love you with all my heart! Happy 2nd Birthday baby doll! xoxo

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