Monday, May 10, 2010

Day out with Thomas

Yesterday was one of the best days ever. First of all it was Mother's Day which is reason to celebrate in itself. And to me, Mother's Day is like Lyla's birthday since she was born on Mother's Day. But yesterday was extra special because we got to spend the day with Thomas the Train! Thomas made his way to Greenfield Village. This was the perfect venue for Thomas as you felt like you were on the Island of Sodor and Thomas was taking us for a ride to show us his island and the village had many similarities to the Island of Sodor. Lyla was super excited about this event. In the morning we just started talking about Thomas and said to Lyla 'Lets go for a drive and see if we can find Thomas.' Sure enough, we found him - and oh it was a great day!

Here is Lyla seeing Thomas coming around the bend of the track when we got there. She was so excited and pleased that we had truly found Thomas. Here he was - our first sighting of our beloved engine.

We quickly made our way to the train station as we were on the next ride. Here we are waiting for Thomas to come into the station to pick us up. Lyla brought her own Thomas on the ride.
Here he comes to get us!

Love this picture.. Lyla with Thomas' number 1 as he coasted into the train station.

Getting ready for the train to leave the station. Can you tell we were excited??

Enjoying the scenery sitting on Daddy's lap as Thomas chugged along.

The one handed family photo as the train rode along.. Truly - Lyla loved it. Even though in this picture she looks bored to death!

The train went through the village and then out into the woods. Here is a shot of Thomas going around the corner, steaming along, pulling his cars.

Back in the station admiring Thomas...

Here is a Cranky the Crane!

Daddy and Lyla strolling along the street to go find Sir Topham Hat...

While Daddy was waiting in line to see Sir Topham Hat, Lyla and I went to the Shed to see where Thomas sleep and to see his wash down station where he has his bath.. Here is the shed and the turntable so Thomas can turn around and go back to work.

This steam engine was warming up as we were walking around.. Here is was blowing his horn at Lyla.

Oh finally! Sir Topham Hat! Lyla wanted to say Thank you to 'Topham Hat' for bringing Thomas to visit us. She whispered it so quiet when we got up to him, but she did thank him.
Here is Topham Hat and Lyla!

It was a perfect day to blow bubbles. They had a tent with bubble wands and Lyla enjoyed this.

Next Lyla went onto the driving track and drove around some small cars. She loved this as well..

Of course, more Thomas photos -- here he comes into the station again....

Lyla looking at Thomas in awe...

A real close of up Thomas... Here Lyla got her picture taken with Thomas. We got a family shot as well, which we purchased and I put it in a frame in Lyla's room. That was the first thing she talked about this morning was her picture of Thomas and us.

The great thing about the village was that it was widespread and you could go away from the crowds and see Thomas coming without a lot of people around.. Here he was coming around the bend...

As he passed by us...

Here was our little engineer as she was waiting for Thomas to pass by..

Other sights to see where the horses - another favorite for Lyla. You could go for horse carriage rides, model t car rides, and old bus rides through out the village..

We opted for the 100 year old carousel. Lyla had a hard time waiting in line for this, but she absolutely loved it and was very disappointed when her turn was over! Here are some cute pictures of her looking for me in the crowd...

Oh boy was she ever proud of her ride on the carousel!

After the carousel, we went to the gift shop and then made one more stop over to the station to see Thomas one last time...

Looking at the time on her new Thomas watch. Funny - every time Lyla checks the time it is 8 o-clock!

Happy Muma's Day!

Lets just say Lyla felt the water with her hands and wanted to go for a swim too!

Exactly 12 minutes after getting in the car here was our girl....

A day out with Thomas was one of the best family days we have had in a long time. Greenfield village provides the best setting for this venue. I would highly highly recommend this for children who love trains and love Thomas. Or as a matter of fact any child would love this. We worried that Lyla would be too young - but she enjoyed all that the day out had to offer. It was perfectly timed as a birthday outing for Lyla as well! We are already looking forward to going again next year.
Today Lyla has worn her Day out with Thomas shirt, played with her new train set, has taken her Thomas Balloon everywhere she has gone and has talked and talked about Thomas! It was so great! I am so glad that we got to go! Thanks Thomas for such a great day out!

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