Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ultrasound # 5

We had our 5th ultrasound today. Yes our 5th! We have been lucky to see our babe 5 times this pregnancy. Which is how many I had with Lyla.Who knows if we will see he/she again. This was the big ultrasound. The one where they check out all the body parts and make sure everything is growing and functioning as it should be. Everything looked great which is always a relief. This is also the ultrasound where they can tell you the sex of the baby. Which we have decided to wait and see come June. The ultrasound tech is the only one who knows the sex, and she assured me that it wouldn't be anywhere documented so she is the only one that knows.

Here are some pictures from our ultrasound..


A foot

Looking straight on at the babe's face..

This is Lyla's picture that the US tech gave for her to have. As you can tell by the wrinkles it has been well loved in the 8 hours we have had it.

The Us tech switched her machine into 3D and here is a picture of the little babe. All 9 ounces of him/her.
Heart rate was 156 today.

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PAM said...

Hi sweet little one!!

I especially love the little foot. So glad everything is as how it should be.