Monday, January 10, 2011

We're back!!

Fall came and went and now we are here in January thinking - geez I haven't blogged in a really long time!

Reason being I am 18 weeks pregnant! And in true Kelly style this pregnancy has been full of lots of sickness and drama.

Where to start?? We 6 stated the vomiting, of course while we were on vacation to Mackinaw Island and Traverse City. Our trip back ended up with a doctor visit and subsequent visit to the ER for fluid hydration. Zofran wasn't working they felt because I was dehydrated so much. The fluids helped intensely and held me for another 3 weeks. Until I got really sick again - throwing up for 4 days and ending up being back in the hospital again for fluid hydration. I haven't gained any weight yet - lost 12 pounds. Have had 4 ultrasounds in 16 weeks - had 1 US to check for viability, a 2nd for routine sequential screening, a 3rd because of bad cramping, and 4th because of spotting. So ask you can see the last 4 months have been very tiring.
Here is our 2nd ultrasound, done around 11 weeks. The first time seeing our little babe. Lyla enjoyed seeing the babe and asked silly questions like 'is it a monkey? is it a tiger? is it Dr. Duff?' She made the US tech laugh as well as her daddy and I.
Here is the US at 16 weeks, that I had after I had some bleeding. Everything was fine and the babe is hanging in there cozy like a little bug.Luckily I am starting to feel a bit better. Not taking Zofran every day anymore. And I was taking Zofran around the clock, and then 2 times a day and now when I do take it I am usually only taking it once a day. My worst time was at the end of the day and that is still true especially on the days I work but now I feel worse in the am.
I have been lucky that Lyla has been a very good girl through this. She has become a staple visitor at the MDs. They know what sticker she wants when we check out. I counted that I have been to the MDs 7 times in 16 weeks. So my MD is asking me if it is time for me to push as he has seen me so many times.

Anyways, I better run. I hear Lyla awakening... hope to 'talk' to you soon.

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