Friday, January 12, 2007

Feelin' Good

Finally! I feel better. Actually, I felt "normal" on Wednesday when I woke up. This "bug" which I have diagnosed as the Norwalk bug, sure took a lot out of me. It left me feeling weak, dizzy and even nauseated until Tuesday. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.
I am so appreciative of the healthy state that I live the majority of my life. I could not imagine going through life feeling sick day to day. Being a intensive care nurse, I look after the sickest of the sick. I know that my little stomach flu is nothing compared to the hardships of ill health that my patients have to deal with, but I definitely have a fresh prospective on feeling sick. The people that I work with who have battled cancer for many years are SO courageous. The drive to overcome an illness must be so great that it encourages you through the worst of times. I am definitely thankful for my health, and pray for the fortune of good health to all .

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