Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why I loved Hawaii.. Day One

Well we are back! We got back yesterday from our 9 day adventure in Maui and Kauai. If one word was to sum it up it would either be Breathtaking, Relaxing and Beautiful. So I guess it needs more than one word.
We left on Friday, January 12th. That day we flew to LA in preparation for our next morning flight to Maui. Nothing very exciting happened in LA, we stayed at an airport hotel, and got up early to go catch our 7 am flight to Maui. We had one funny event at the Double tree. We were asleep and at 11pm there was a knock at the door. So Ryan jumps up to answer it, and there is a man from the hotel with Campaign and some fish dish. He says to Ryan, something about a romance package. Ryan, who is half asleep said he was like, "Did I order a romance package" Then he thought, "Is there anything good that we could use for breakfast? " The poor guy was so confused when Ryan said no, he even just offered it to Ryan saying, "Well, do you want it anyways". I think he was shocked when Ryan said no - No romance package that night.

Anyways, we got to Maui the next morning at 10:30ish. Which was great because we had our whole day before us. We got our rental car, which was a Sebring Convertible and we headed to the "Road to Hana"
The "Road to Hana" is one of the more popular day trips to do in Maui. We decided to do it first and to spend the Night in Hana, as we had heard doing both ways in one day can be grueling. The Road to Hana is on Maui's north shore and it is 52 miles of undeveloped road. This road passes by some of the most breathtaking views. There are 56 one-lane bridges, and 617 curses and turns along the way. It is very much about the journey not the destination, as the town of Hana is not the main attraction, rather nature is. It definitely was one of our highlights. It sure was curvy. Lots of "hair pinned turns" which made you guess what was around that corner. We had picked up a picnic lunch at this place in Pa'ia, a small town that is famous for its large waves and windsurfers. We ate at a rest sop along the Road to Hana. So nice to get out of the car and stretch our legs.

We saw lots of waterfalls, small towns and even a black sand beach. The black sand beach was pretty cool because this is from old volcanic activity, and there is only one on Maui, which is the one we saw.

That night we had quite the experience. We stayed in a Yurt. As there was not many places to stay in Hana, we opted for a unique experience. We stayed in a Yurt, which is basically as furnished tent. We were out in the middle of no where, all by ourselves. We were basically in the middle of the rain forest. Our shower was outside, we showered under the stars that night. It was very cool. You could really get back nature there.

This was just our first night too! We did so much, I have so many more stories to share. Have to run though Ryan is home.



Oh WOWWW!!! I can't wait to hear the rest...were you worried about the bugs that may have been inhabiting the yurt? Oooeee, I bet there were some freaky spiders in there.
Looking forward to the next post...

Humble said...
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Humble said...

Kelly, you have some great pictures there
I am sitting by the pool here in the Mayan Riviera and accessed them thru my blackberry Gee you guys get to go to all the good places!.What am I doing there with my blackberry you ask?
We will have to compare pictures if we can ever stop traveling