Friday, January 12, 2007

Getting ready to celebrate

On January 17th, it will be 3 years since we said, "I do". In two different perspectives I find it (a) hard to believe that it has ONLY been 3 years, i.e. it feels longer; and (b) hard to believe it is 3 years already, i.e it feels shorter.
In that it feels longer, we have done so much in that time period. We have travelled on many different trips, Mexico twice, Dominican Republic, Eastern Canada, New York City, Chicago, Colorado, California. We moved to a different country. We lived in an apartment, which I have totally phased out of my memory. We bought our first house. We bought a second car. We both got new jobs. We have seen friends and family get married and have kids. A review of these past three years does make me feel like we have accomplished a lot, therefore making it feel like it is more than three years.
In that it feels shorter, when I tell people that we are having our 3rd anniversary and people say to me"Oh you are still babies, you are still in the honeymoon phase, or you have lots of time to start a family, see the world first". These comments make me feel like I a young cookie. Which is great, because I no longer am addressed as "Miss" when I go out it is "Ma'am". That does a lot to a ladies confidence you know, especially when I still shop in the "Young Miss" section. As well, time does funny things as you get older, it goes by at a faster speed. So time feels like it is playing a joke on me, in that 3 years have already passed by us, when it feels like yesterday we were getting our pictures taken in the snow.
I am going to hypothesis that due to our "day to day happiness," each day is special which makes it feel "longer" than 3 years. However, this "day to day happiness" has changed our sense of time making it feel "shorter" then 3 years. Either way, these past three years have been wonderful. I have been so fortunate to share these years with my best friend ever - my husband Ryan. He is the best, and I would credit my good memories to him. He is what makes my life memorable and so full of happiness and love. Thanks Ry! Happy 3rd Anniversary! I love you with all my heart and soul.


Humble said...

Kelly and Ryan
You are right, three years have gone by quickly but we feel we have known Kelly "forever".
Happy anniversary!!.
Lorraine and the Humble One could not have asked for a better daughter-in-law
You are the daughter we wished for and now have-faaaantaaaastick!!


Happy Belated Anniversary Kel!! Hope you had a lovely day celebrating :)