Friday, March 28, 2008

Lamaze Class Drop outs

We are official Lamaze class drop outs, and I am OK with that. In fact,I feel so much better about it. You know when you are planning on doing something you worry that you are going to upset someone, well I was worried that our Lamaze instructor would be upset and try to convince me to stay with the program, but she didn't. She actually told me that I was being a good "mom", and that I did in fact have too much on my plate right now and dropping this event was being responsible. So, that made me feel 100 per cent better, although part of me was a tad bit disappointed that we couldn't keep up with it, because I think it would have been a good class.

This week has been a well needed break from after work events. Since we dropped Lamaze, and our other class had this week off for Easter break, we did not have any after work events. I was nice to come home and watch TV for an hour, or have Ryan come home and actually sit together and catch up.

Exciting news happened yesterday. Our friends J.J. and Heidi had their 3rd baby, their 3rd boy. Nolan Scott was born yesterday at 3:23 in the afternoon, weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces, and 20.5 inches in length. We are looking forward to meeting him once they get settled in at home.

I am still going to the hospital twice a week from my non-stress test, and things are looking fine. The babe is doing what the babe should be doing and the doctors are happy. No deceleration in the heart rate with activity, rather a very active baby with an expected acceleration in heart rate. Yesterday the babe went through an aerobic workout while I was hooked up and it's heart rate was bouncing up in to the 190's with activity. I guess it like my fresh fruit, peanut butter toast and decaffeinated tea for breakfast.

Ryan's parents bought the babe's change table on their visit last weekend. The babe's room is starting to look finished. We just have to get our glider chair and start washing clothes and linens.

Hope you are all well, talk to you soon.

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