Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too much

Sometimes do you feel like you have too much going on? Heck, I am sure most of you moms out there feel that way everyday. With children to organize, school to get to, work for yourself, housework and homekeeping tasks, and then after school organizations to attend I am sure this is just part of life. Well, I haven't even become an official mom and I am already feeling this way.

This week has been "too much" for me, and hence I am sitting at home today rather than being at work. My weekly life now consists of my 3- 12.5 hour shifts at work, that usually become more like 13 hour long days, 2 days of hospital testing for my non stress test, and 2 nights a week of prenatal classes. Oh yeh, and doctor appointments popping up here and there as well. Then add in my other daily lifeisms -like household chores, meals, laundry, you know, routine stuff and I don't know where the time is going to come to fit all this stuff in.

Yesterday wasn't one of my worst days at work, but it was pretty bad. I had a patient that was transfered to our unit from another floor that was pretty sick. Of course the transfer came at 11:45, and I didn't know about the transfer until 11:30, so no hope for lunch was in sight until 2:30. I guess it could have been worse, I could have not gotten to lunch at all, a common nursing problem. Issues ensued with this patient's well being making for a busy afternoon, with a lot of general "running around" in attempt to maintain a stable blood pressure.

Yesterday night was the first class for our Lamaze class. Something that I had been looking forward. I had hoped to sneak out an hour early, as class started at 7pm. Rather I left at 7pm, ran to McDonalds, grabbed a quick burger and dashed over to the Lamaze class. The class was good, but we did not get home until 10pm, and then a quick shower and off to bed without even talking to my husband, or having any time to unwind. Then I was awake off and on through out the night with stomach cramps, horrible indigestion, nausea and a very overactive babe. At 2am, I decided that lack of sleep alone would make me a poor nurse to any patient today, and called in to work for today.

Monday was a little better, but not much. I worked my shift at work and then went straight down to labor and delivery for my first stress test. The only saving grace was that Ryan came to sit with me for this test, so we were able to talk abit and catch up on each other's day. We were there about 40 minutes, again raced home and got ready for the next day.

Tomorrow I am again busy with my doctor's appointment, stress test, a funeral and our other prepared childbirth class at night.

So I am trying to figure out how to ease this overwhelming amount of stuff going on
right now. I am thinking of dropping out of the Lamaze class which is disappointing to myself and probably Ryan. Our instructor is excellent and it is a personal group with only 2 couples. However, there is overlap in the course contents between our Lamaze and our Prepared Childbirth classes.

It is ironic as in these classes they are teaching us relaxation strategies and I honestly feel more stressed and busy right now in my life than I have in a while. So, I feel that I have to do something to eliminate that stress and maybe getting rid of one of the classes is the answer?

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Hey Kel,

Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed, sounds like you're up to lots. Hopefully you're able to slow down a little at work... those shifts must kill your feet.

Did you end up letting go of the Lamaze classes?

Keep us posted on how you're doing, I'll be praying for you!

Love ya, Leanne