Monday, March 10, 2008

Update . . .

Well, I have been a bit blog tardy lately as time is flying by quickly. I couldn't believe it when I saw my baby counter today to say only 65 days left until the babe should make it's grand appearance. I am starting to get a tad bit more nervous as to the fact that this babe has to get out of me. I hear the horror stories of my girlfriends labour details as well as the good labour stories, and I just pray that my story is a good one. Last week we started our prepared childbirth classes at the hospital and I was a bit disappointed in them. So we will see what next week brings. The lady seemed really unorganized and maybe she was just having one of those days. We are also going to take a Lamaze course. I had voiced my wishes to my doctor about wanting to stay away from the epidural if at all possible and he suggested we try to take a Lamaze course and gave me a name of a Doula whom he would recommend. Luckily for us, this doula is offering a course starting next week so we are going to attend that as well. That will give us classes to attend both Tuesday and Thursday nights, so we are going to be quite busy with that.

At my last doctor's appointment, I was told that I now have a bit too much amniotic fluid on board. This is called hydramnios or polyamnios. I have 21 cm of fluid and depending on the amniotic fluid index that you look at I am either not too high, or a little too much. I have seen two different indexes, one that says the normal amount is below 18, and another that says below 25. So, my doctor being the thorough MD that he is, is going to start sending me for Non Stress tests, 2 times a week starting at 32 weeks, which is next week. This will continue monitor the level of amniotic fluid as well as the babe. This all makes me a little nervous as high amniotic fluid could be a sign of congenital abnormalities. My MD assured me not to worry about it, which is hard when you start to read more about it online and such.

So, as you can see with classes, tests and oh yeh, work, the rest of this pregnancy is going to be pretty busy. As well, I have made all the necessary appointments, such as dental, hair, eye, interviewing pediatricians, you know, all the stuff you want to get done before the babe arrives.

We got the border up in the nursery and it looks great. We are almost finished with that room, we are going to get the change table, and the glider and then it should be completed. All we need is the babe!

This weekend I went home to throw a bridal shower for my friend Patti. Patti is getting married in June and I am her matron of honor. So, Saturday, in the midst of a horrendous snow storm, a group of girlfriends gathered to celebrate Patti's upcoming wedding.

It was a lingerie themed shower. Patti did receive a lot of nice gifts. I held the shower at East Side Mario's Restaurant in London which worked out great. I was going to have it at my parent's home however, my sister had been in the hospital sick with her Crohn's for the past week, making my parent's house the center for 3 active kids. Therefore, I was quite glad that I had decided to have it at the restaurant instead. 9 of the 12 people made it and no shower would be complete without some silly shower games, gifts, cake and laughter.

This shower game was to design the best bridal gown for Patti, and Patti would have to choose the best dress. Which one do you think she choose?

We had the honor of 2 newborn babies with us. Both of which slept sweetly for the party. All in all it turned out great and I was glad to have to opportunity to throw Patti a shower, as she is the type of friend that would do anything for you.

Anyways, that is what I have been up to lately. I hope you are all well.


Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Kelly, you have such a cute baby belly, and I LOVE the babe's room. You guys did a really great job on it. Now it's just the waiting game left I guess!!


Hi Kel,

I'm so sad that I didn't make it. Aliesha filled me in on all the details, and said you were a wonderful hostess :) You look so good!
Thank you SO much for the outfit for Eden! it's adorable :) And so is your nursery, it's turned out beautifully.
Hope you're sitll feeling good, can't believe there's only 60 days left! in just 2 months you'll be holding your little lovey.
Take Care girl,