Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lyla's Baptism

This past weekend, on October 12th, Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, we had Lyla's baptism. We decided to get her baptized at Granton Wesley United Church. This is the same church that Ryan and I were married in. I enjoyed planning this event, as it was like a little wedding for our little girl. We picked out a dress on line and it was very pretty on Lyla. She truly looked like the belle of the ball.

We went to my parents house on Saturday morning. The last time that we attempted to travel with Lyla it was a night travel. We thought that she would sleep through the entire trip to my parents. Instead, Lyla cried and cried and was very upset. So upset, that we turned back about 25 km into Canada. This trip which normally takes about 1.5 hours, ended up taking 5 hours just because we kept having to pull over and console her. So we decided to forgo the night travelling and go in the morning instead. She traveled very well this way. The traveling did not seem to bother her at all, which was a relief because we had to make the trip this time - no turning back

Saturday was a lot of last minute preparations and running around to get the flowers, the last minute groceries, my sister Pam picked up the cake and just general preparation for the day ahead.

On Sunday morning, she awoke for her 4 am feeding and decided that she didn't need to go back to sleep. It must have been that she was in a different environment or that she was excited about the day ahead, but she was awake until 6:30 that morning. I was worried that this would throw her off because she usually sleeps all morning, and I knew she would be tired now from not sleeping well. She awoke again at 9 am, in time for the church service at 10. But this time, she didn't really want to eat. So now I was thinking that she was tired and hungry, 2 strikes against us. However, Lyla did excellent at the church. She didn't cry when she was baptized. She didn't cry when Lloyd Mardlin walked her around the church to allow everyone to see her. She was a little trooper and we were so proud of her.

This was also a special day for Ryan. Ryan's parents never baptized him, so Ryan decided to get baptized with Lyla. It was nice to see Ryan commit his belief with his daughter.

We then arrived back at my parents house for a reception. I had arranged for a photographer to come to take some pictures and I had gotten a cater for the luncheon. I am still awaiting the pictures from the photographer and I hope that they turned out. In retrospect, it was a little chaotic with everyone trying to get Lyla to look at them for pictures, so I hope that they turned out ok.

The food was great, our caters were "Huron Shores", and I would highly recommend them. We had hot turkey on a bun, garden salad, a vegetable tray, and a pasta salad. We had a arrangement of desserts and I had a cake made that looked like a baptism dress that said "God Bless Lyla" on it. It was both white and chocolate cake. We also served tea and coffee and apple cider. In this picture, Lyla is wearing a dress of mine when I was her age. I had the photographer take a picture to replicate a picture of myself. My mom had found my baby jewelry, - yes I know, baby jewelery ! - a bracelet, and a necklace and Lyla wore those for the day.

My uncle Bill brought over my grandpa's tractor which was very nostalgic for all of us. We rode around on it and thought how gramp would have been smiling down on us from heaven.
The weather was beautiful. A sunny warm day about 75 degrees. We couldn't have asked for better weather.
All in all, it was a great weekend. I especially want to thank my parents for all their help in this day. They offered us their home to have the party at, and they put forth a lot of effort in preparing for this day. Thank you so much! It meant a lot to have the party at your home, and we appreciate everything you did in preparation for this special day.


Anonymous said...

Awwww Kelly what a special day!

Lyla looked lovely and so did YOU! The pic of her getting baptised is too precious, looks like she was content even sideways ;)

The photographer picture is amazing! Anne Geddes style....I just love it.

Congratulations to Ryan and Lyla, what a wonderful step they've made together!

Love ya! Leanne

love life said...

kelly thankgiving was the best thank you so much

Gramma said...

As "love life" said, Thanksgiving was the "best".

Last Thanksgiving you and Ryan announced you were starting a family and Oh!!!! what a beautiful family.

Our little princess looked so beautiful and her parents weren't so bad either.

Love all 3 of you.

Gramma and Pops.