Friday, October 31, 2008

Updates on Miss Lyla

Time is flying past - way to quickly. I can't believe that we are on the eve of November and today is Halloween. October, as all of the months since Lyla was born, flew right by without a chance for me to update the blog.
This month has had a couple of milestones in Lyla's life. After we got home from Lyla's baptism we started her on cereal, on Monday October 13th. She started with oatmeal cereal. The doctor suggested oatmeal first rather than rice, because rice is more constipating. She really grasped the whole concept of eating cereal very well. She was definitely ready, grabbing for the spoon and helping guide it into her mouth. That and the fact that she could use the spoon as a chew toy. We started her on sweet potatoes yesterday and she thought that was so yummy! She quickly gobbled that up.

She is babbling very well. It sounds like she is saying "Lyla and Dada". Not sure if these are true words or just babbles. But she definitely has gotten these babbles from listening to us talk. When I say "Lyla, Dada and Mama" she zones in on my mouth and stares at it intently as if studying it. She started to say Lyla on October 22nd and Dada followed on the 23rd.
Yesterday I had Lyla sitting on our bed and she sat for a few minutes unassisted. She has been trying to sit up for a while and has been doing so sitting on our knees or on in a groove, but yesterday she sat on an flat surface without anything keeping her up, then she tumbled over.

She has become quite the giggler. She laughs at everything and everything and sometimes absolutely nothing. She is enjoying the games of peekaboo and has no fear. I can jump out and startle her so she just about jumps out of her skin and she just laughs about it.

On Monday October 27th, we put Lyla in her jumperoo for her first time. She just kinda lounged in the jolly jumper at first, then we added some socks to her feet and we showed her what to do, and now she is a jumping queen. She looks so cute bouncing around in it.

So, as you can see we have been really busy in the Hewlett household. We haven't had a weekend together in a couple of months since I have been working weekends. Starting on Monday, Ryan is starting a family leave where he will be caring for Lyla the days that I am at work. We are all looking forward to this change, as Ryan will get to spend some more time with Lyla, and maybe we will get to have some more family time for the 3 of us. I have definitely been missing that aspect, but more so I am grateful that Lyla has not had to go to daycare. Thanks to our parents for helping out with looking after Lyla, we appreciate at it very much. But we are now looking forward to getting back to our normal life, it is straining on everyone to have constant visitors in your house for 7 weeks. This is the first week that I haven't had anyone here and I feel like I am just waiting for someone to arrive.
We have been getting ready for the cold weather, and Lyla has been wearing this cool hat that I bought on clearance before we knew what we were having. Even thought it is a boy-ish hat it looks pretty good on her.
We have been to the Cider mill multiple times, and here is a photo from one of our trips.

And here Lyla is with her buddy Nolan, who is 6 weeks older than her. They were both very interested in each other.

Anyways, that is an update on our little girl. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. I will post some pictures of our little pumpkin later today.....

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