Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Memories

Over at my sister's blog Country Mouse City Mouse Pam she posted a nice tribute to our grandparents that I wanted to include in my blog as well. Thanks Pam for allowing me to capture these memories. THis is written by my sister Pam...

Ninteen Hundred Thirty Seven

Just for a moment, come with me.

We are going back in time to February 6th, 1937. It was the day that this young couple were married.

The young groom was a soft spoken man. He was a honest hard-working farmer, who owned his own farm, which he had taken over from his father. He owned a car and he had $100.00 to his name. The bride was a school teacher in a one room schoolhouse, though she had not taught since June of 1936, since a woman does not work once she is engaged to be married.

On this cold February day the couple wed. The groom had his brother at his side as his best man, and the bride had her sister as her maid of honour. The bride and groom were married in the groom's family home. Couples were always wed in the winter, that was when the farm was quiet.

After the wedding the couple took a vacation trip to Toronto Ontario, to the Royal York Hotel. This is one of the only times they were away from their farm.

The couple came home to their farm to start their life together. They worked their farm together well into their 70's. They had two children, and five grandchildren - I am proud to say I am one of those grandchildren.

I have happy and wonderful memories of my childhood with Grandma and Gramp.

Gramp was fun loving and always willing to take the time to play with me. We spent countless hours playing school. We had a little old chalk board where he taught me to read and to write. My first word was C-A-T, along with his drawing of a cat. I wish I had that little chalk board today!

Grandma was always busy working in the kitchen. When you came for a visit the first thing you did was look to see what fresh baking she had. I spent many days baking with her, and I am sure my love for beating something with a mixer stems from those young days. I can see her and I working in her pantry mixing cakes and cookies. I remember her old mixing bowl and beaters, those too, I wish I had.

Their 40th wedding anniversary, in February of 1977. (I am the dark-haired girl)

This is my mom and her brother, with Grandma and Gramp in June of 1994.

Looking back, I am so glad my grandparents were able to be with me on my wedding day, in June of 1994.

Grandma passed away in March of 1995, and Gramp passed away in January of 1996. I think of them so often and I keep their memory alive in my children. They know stories of their Great Grandparents and know that they will meet them in heaven one day.

Emily is born on March 11th, Grandma died on March 11th. Matthew shares July 30th as his birthday with Grandma. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

On the occasion of their wedding anniversary I remember them, and try to go back to that day in which they were married, that day which was the beginning of my legacy!!

How blessed I was to have these two amazingly, special people in my life!!

To my sister Pam and I we feel such a close connection to our grandparents. When I read her post my heart ached to be back on the farm with them, enjoying our time together. If only then I had known how precious the time would be. I do have similar memories of searching out the sweet stuff in Grandma's kitchen. I remember her allowing me to make her and Gramp scrambled eggs. They had a Egg farm so eggs where always available. I beat up the eggs so well and cooked them up. My Grandma exclaimed that is was the best scrambled egg she had ever had. Looking back I realized that scrambled egg was all it was. I had forgotten the milk, the butter in the bottom of the pan and any salt or pepper for seasoning... it was just a plain old beaten up egg - but to my Grandma she professed it to be the best scrambled egg in the world. I often think of that whenever I make scrambled eggs.

I also recall my Grandma making me Tomato soup. I still do love tomato soup to this day but for some reason it tasted so much better when Grandma made it. I haven't a clue what she did - I mean it is condensed soup - but honestly.. And even know, sometimes when I make it - it will take me back to my younger days sitting in her kitchen eating lunch with my Grandma and Gramp.

Gramp was always playing with us. I recall the same memories of the chalk board and C-A-T. He could draw the best cat! He would also let you ride on his lap and take you down to China. He would also let you take off the couch cushions and ride around on the floor like a boat. Boy, did Grandma get mad at him for letting us do that. And he was always a very patient student when I wanted to play school and be the teacher. Gramp would often allow us to go to the barn with him to do his chores; collect the eggs, wash the eggs and get the ready for sale. We would go to drop them off in Lucan and always get a ice cream bar when we dropped them off. A vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate in a bar in a blue wrapper. We would go to the field together and call the cows - 'Co-Boss! Co-Boss!'

My grandparents played a great role in my childhood and it warms me to know they are watching down from heaven enjoying my life and my siblings life - because as my mom said - she is sure they would want to know what is going on with our lives. Ioften think how I would love for them to meet Ryan and Lyla. I have taken Ryan to the cemetary to meet them that way but it would have been so nice to have them meet my 'family'.

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Gramp - we love you!


love life said...
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sues2u2 said...

This was such a nice tribute to your Grandparents. I like to "look around" a bit when we do Aloha Friday & I'm so glad that I did! This post reminded me of my grandparents also. Such a loving way to describe the memories you all have.

My memories of Grandma's tomato soup are similar to yours! I loved her's more than anyone elses. If you make homemade bread try toasting a slice & buttering it. Then chop it up crouton size & drop it in the soup. That's what mine did & ummmmm.