Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update from the 'Bear Den'

Well, this post has been on my brain for a week. Last Thursday I put Lyla down for her afternoon nap, and I thought to myself "Aww.... I am going to sit down, relax, and write a posting." Lyla turned 9 months old, and was having the time of her life at Gymboree so I thought I had some stuff I wanted to write down in my "journal" so I would remember when I was old and gray.
However, before I could sit down I had a few chores to complete. My in-laws where arriving the next day and I had some organizing to do before they came. As I went downstairs to put some stuff away. "Stuff" that I initially was only going to leave at the top of the stairs for Ryan to take down when he got home, but I decided I might as well take it down and get it done with. When I went down, I saw it! I saw the water flowing in our basement. Lets just say that then and there I knew there would be no blogging for that day. And geeze I was glad I decided to take the stuff down myself rather than wait for Ryan. So I started to pick up things as fast as I could. Only a few items got wet thank goodness, and then tried to call for help. First call to Ryan - no answer, Second call to my parents (pro-basement flooders) - no answer, and then as a last ditch hope - my sister - just to let someone know that I was in water - but alas, no answer again! I started to sweep water to a drain, and Lyla awoke. We got a hold of Ryan who started for home, and I put Lyla in the carrier and continued to sweep. Lets just say that it has been a week since the water was found, and we still haven't got the situation completely under control. Flooding is no longer a concern, but the sump pump isn't draining as it normally does, rather it is draining out of the emergency release. I think Ryan said that this was the worst weekend of his life, as he was dealing with this flooding. He was up throughout the night checking the basement, going outside to release the water and just generally anxious and concerned. He was thankful that his parents where here to help out!
So, then I had to work 3 out of 4 days, as I said we had my in-laws here, and then Lyla came down with a horrific cold. So, as you can see I haven't be able to be very bloggy lately.
Lyla is starting to feel somewhat better, but not completely. She got a pretty bad cold. Runny nose, cough, stuffed up - making nursing sometimes frustrating, and having a difficult time sleeping. She only wanted to sleep on my chest for the first night. I was up with Lyla for over an hour and a half trying to get her to sleep, she'd fall asleep for about five minutes than start to cry again... over and over, until she finally feel asleep nursing. The last two nights she hasn't been able to get to sleep until 9:30-10 and again, only wanting to sleep on me. Last night she was up for an hour again in the night and you could tell she just felt miserable. So unfortunately I had to cancel on my parents visiting. They have been trying to come for the last 2 weeks and haven't made it yet. The first week they stayed home because of potential flooding at their house, and now they stayed home because Lyla isn't well. Hopefully next week they will make it.
So that is what we have been up to at our 'Bear Den'. Please keep your fingers crossed that Lyla is getting over her cold and that our basement doesn't flood again. Hope all of you had a uneventful and restful week!


pam said...

Please describe a restful week!!

shopannies said...

I would love to know the answer to this question as my daughter has one as well. I know sleeping with head up sort of helps