Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun times at home

I have been enjoying my days at home with Lyla so much. It is great to be a mama. We are so fortunate that I have been able to work on the weekends. This has kept Lyla out of daycare. I would really wish not to work entirely - but it isn't that bad. At least 2 days of the week I get out and converse with the adult population. HAHA! Being able to be home with Lyla is a gift that I am fortunate to have as I think this is a very special time that will quickly be gone. This first year is amazing as she is changing and learning every day!

Any who - here are some of Lyla's latest antics at home....

She is a jumping queen. The other day Ryan raised up her Jolly Jumper and she is now jumping with a vengeance. She will get in this jumper and jump and jump and jump without a break for like 3 minutes straight!
This is just a picture of her peeking out of her hood once she is bundled up to go out. Check out her teeth. We are now up to 6 teeth as the third tooth on the top came through on March 17th - just right of the front two.

For Christmas, we got Lyla a walker/car. We recently got it out and she has been enjoying exploring it. Here she is sitting on her car. She will sit and push herself backwards kind of jumping as she does so. She likes the walker as well and will take off when you put it up to the walker. Of course, she still needs us to hold onto her back. But she is wanting to walk really badly right now. In fact, yesterday at Gymboree class that is all she wanted to do... walk around. She continues to not enjoy tummy time too much but with some perseverance she will stick it out and then start to roll from side to side and crawl somewhat.. it is like a stationary crawl moving her upper body in like a 360 but not getting her legs in gear yet.

She likes to open and close this front flap in this car. She especially likes it when you put something in the front flap and she get get it out!

Lyla loves to help me sort through her clothes or even our clothes. About once a week or once every couple of weeks I go through her bins of clothes and reorganize them, usually this is when we are putting laundry away. So, she will help take things out of the bins and out of the laundry basket too. She is starting to sometimes put things back as well. She just realized how to tip it so she can get better access to it.

She also likes to go for rides in certain things. Particularly her diaper box and recently the laundry basket. She will shake her body and kind of hum to get you to get the car started. She likes the diaper box the best because it fits her perfectly!

Lyla continues to LOVE books. She would be absolutely happy with only books to look and play with. When we put her down and let her walk to where she wants to play 8 times out of 10 she will walk towards the book shelf. She loves flipping through the pages of her books and loves opening flaps. We have seen how flap books are great but little fingers can be strong to pull those flaps right off!Now I said 8 times out of 10 she will head to the books. Lately, the other percentages have been heading towards this activity table. This is a toy I actually bought for our nephew Matthew when he was young. It came home with us a couple of weeks ago and Lyla loves to play at it. It is great because it is something she can stand at and play. Of course, as you can tell from the picture we still need to be standing with her but she loves the music and lights, and the stuff is relatively easy for her to operate.Lyla also loves stuffed animals.. which is great because I have a huge box full! It is funny but from day to day she has her favorite toys. The cow was her favorite for a couple of days. Him having to go where ever Miss Lyla went. Upstairs - downstairs - to breakfast - like I said everywhere. And to all of you who knew me through out my child hood you will recall my friend Rory. He went everywhere with me - kind of like my side kick! He even made the move to Kingston with me! Anyways, Lyla found him the other day and was oh so happy to have meet him! Here is a picture of them playing together.

Anyway, I hear Lyla starting to wake up - so I better run. I will leave you with a picture of Lyla clowning around with her favorite clown and true best friend - GYMBO! Hope everyone has a great day!

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Joanne said...

Your little girl is just adorable. Those are really great pictures of her. you are right they grow up so fast.