Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Finally! We seem to be getting a break from the cold grasp of winter and the last couple of days have been just heavenly. The weather started to warm up on the weekend and yesterday we were seeing high 60 degree weather. Lyla has been enjoying the warm weather by being outside as much as we can these last couple of days.

We have been out for walks with Daddy once he gets home from work.

And most excitedly, Lyla got a swing! This is her Easter gift which came a bit early because the weather turned nice before Easter this year. Yesterday when she was sleeping I put up the swing and then when Daddy got home we went for a ride! Oh boy! It was fun!

Notice the blue triangle in her hand - that is her newest Gymboree toy that she adores. I bought these air blocks yesterday and she never let go of it all day yesterday!
Today it is supposed to rain and turn cold again :( Hopefully we can enjoy some more fresh air before the weather changes and the swing will have to take a break again until it warms up again!


One Anxious Mommy said...

Looks like she is loving her swing! My son hasn't gotten used to his yet.

pam said...

Swings are so much fun!! Lyla looks like she is loving it. Isn't it great to get outside again?