Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well - I have been a bit tardy on the posting which is why I am here with an update.

Lets see.... what have I been up to..
I had a horrible sore throat last week. Like no other. It kept me up at night and I have a dry hacking cough that goes along with it. On Friday, after having this sore throat for now 4 days I decided it was time to go to the doctor. That coupled with the fact that I looked in the mirror at my throat and saw the nice white blotches all over my tonsils, and still no further cold symptoms. So I figured I had strep throat. Anyways, I headed to the MD on Friday and am now on antibiotics. It was not confirmed to be strep but since I was so symptomatic the MD decided to treat me anyways. Withing 24 hours my throat was improving no longer does it feel like a razor scraping down my throat. So that is an improvement. I still feel quite tired day to day and am looking forward to just a relaxing week at home with Lyla.

Today we went off to the border to get my work visa renewed. This took a little longer than normal because of a "typo" error placed by my HR representative. So Lyla and I ended up hanging out at the border for a couple of hours waiting for clarification on the letters contents. All and all it turned out fine and Lyla was a star. People make mistakes... that is just being human and I don't harbor any ill feelings as everything worked out as planned by the end of our visit.

Lyla continues to want to walk pretty badly. We continue to work on trying to get her to crawl and she may have done like one crawl today in her crib, but it can not be definite. She loves to sit and play - sit on her bottom and play with her toys around her. But if you put her on her belly she squawks! So that is a work in progress, because she knows that if she can get us to walk her than she can get where she wants that way.

Exciting news is that I won a prize from the Ultimate Blog Party!! I never never ever win anything so this is super duper exciting. I won 20 birthday party invitations from www.scraplesspress.com so I am pretty excited because we will use this for Lyla's upcoming 1st birthday party.

And other excitement is that I don't have to work this whole weekend. I actually get to be home with Ryan and Lyla!! Yippee! So this weekend is totally family weekend and we are so looking forward to this!

Hope you are all well and talk to you later.


pam said...

Enjoy your family weekend coming up. You guys deserve it, and it has been a long time coming!!

Congrats on the awesome win.

pam said...

Kelly...I got a message overnight that I won something too!!