Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning Conversations with my little girl

Now that Lyla is 14.5 months old, we are starting to have some conversations. This is so cool. It is so neat that we can 'talk' to each other rather than just hope that we are talking to each other. Do you know what I am saying?

Anyways, back to the conversations. The past two mornings I have gone into Lyla's room and I have done my normal morning routine. Every morning since pretty much Lyla's birth I have gone in to her and sang my own rendition of 'Good Morning Sunshine'. Then after that song and dance is over I usually ask Lyla how she is feeling today or how she slept last night. Typical morning lingo across the world. The last two mornings I have asked Lyla -"How are you today Lyla?" and she has look up at me with her cute little smile and said "Good", with a little nod of her head. You can tell she knows that she is saying the right thing, you can tell by the look in her eye and the smile on her face. I just love talking to my daughter.

Another morning achievement came last week when she started to sing/say 'Sunshine' after I had song my morning song to her. She is learning so fast and I am proud of her.

And last night, Lyla woke up at 2am and was crying and just unhappy, saying her typical 'Oh-no!" and I went over to her and hugged her and rocked her, but she just wasn't settling down. I asked her if she wanted to go over to Mama's bed and she looked at me like 'yes please' and then I told her that I wanted to change her pants first. She first rebutted and said no no but after conversation with her she agreed and quietly let me change her pants and then we went over to cuddle in my bed where she feel back asleep. She is starting to say 'change pants' as well.

Anyways, I am enjoying my conversations with Lyla, every day is getting more enjoyable. I truly love this stage so much.

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