Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friends for Life

Here are my bestest friends in the world. We spent the years of our high school life together, went our separate ways, and now we are back to being closest buds again. Most of the girls are actually pretty close in distance to each other. Some of us are far away. But distance doesn't stop us from picking up right where we left of. That is what is so special about our bond, we will always be friends - until we are old and gray.Leanne hosted a family ho-down during the summer at her house for all of us and our families. Here we are before heading off on the wagon ride. We are looking forward to a girls retreat in a couple of weeks. We are going away without kids or husbands to be pampered and spend some quality girl time - drinking wine and catching up. Can't wait!

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PAM said...

I love the cat on the wagon.