Friday, September 10, 2010

Lyla's 1st Day at School

Today was the big day. Lyla started Daycare. We were all excited and some were nervous (me) but it turned out to be a great day for our little 'leader'.

Last night we Lyla picked out her backpack and we had to pack it up with the essentials - sunscreen, Dora pants, extra clothes. Lyla decided to help me pack and added a few essentials of her own - a hanger, a tooth brush, her ocean wonders controller, her pajamas, Thomas books in the suitcase, toothpaste, a hair elastic, another Thomas book, and her 3 best friends - Teddy, Reindeer and Horsey. Lets just say the bag was overflowing but she sure was proud of her back pack all packed up.

So after I got her bag repacked, filled out all the rest of the paperwork, and headed off to bed I actually slept fine. Then this morning we woke up and got ready for the big first day. Lyla wanted grilled cheese for breakfast and she also ate a cheese string. I started by giving her cereal and soon found out all she was eating was the sugar on the cereal so I gave into her request for a grilled cheese. Lyla is very into the princess theme right now. Which means she wants to wear a dress all the time. With the change in temperature it makes dress wearing a little more challenging. Good thing I bought this outfit for her to wear on her first day of school.

We did a series of pictures of the front step as we were getting ready to leave. The obligatory pictures with the backpack on and the excitement in her face as also present. This pictures turned out pretty cute..

I especially like the above one - as she is standing on her tippie toes in excitement.

This is Lyla's backpack from behind. Dora and it lights up as well. She can also roll it, but she prefers to wear it.

This is the sweetest one.. Such a cutie pie..if I do say so myself - I know I am biased..

Here we are getting ready to go into Lyla's school...

And at the door to her classroom... (this actually was taken after I had picked her up)

When we drove up to the school I told Lyla that I would be leaving her there as I had to go to the dentist and get some cavities filled. She started to cry and said she didn't want to be at school without me. My little heart broke and of course I had planned it so I could stay for a bit if she needed and that was what I did. I stayed about 45 minutes before I left her. Here she was eating her morning snack which was a pancake, which she exclaimed to everyone that 'It is delicious'. The teachers oohhed and aahhed over her - saying no one had ever said that before, and that she was such a cutie. When I looked around her class - she is in a class of 12 and she is 1 of 2 girls. 10 boys!!!

When you are done eating you have to wait to hear your name called before you can leave the table. When you are done eating you can put your hand up and wait for you name. Here Lyla is waiting for her name...
I left after that. And she was really brave. I said that I was going to go now but I would be back for her after her lunch and she is said in a sad voice 'okay muma.' She gave me a hug and a kiss and told me she loved me. Then I made my quick exit out the door and looked back through the window to see one of the teachers talking to her about the doll house she was playing with. I had a huge ball in my chest and tears in my eyes, but they did not come out as I knew Lyla was being brave so I needed to too.
Then off I went to the dentist for a torturous 3 cavities and 1 bonding! I am still frozen! and hungry!
I came back about 3 hours later and peered through her window and saw her playing on the matt with some toys. I had talked to Ryan who called the teacher for me who told me she had cried after she realized I had left. Miss Betty hugged her and wiped her eyes - this is what Lyla told me. They also went outside which cheered her up too. When I said 'Hi Lyla!" when I walked in the door the look of joy as she hoped up and ran to me. A huge smile and a little voice yelling 'Muma! You came back!" She hoped in my arms and hugged me and kissed me. We were both happy to be together. The teacher told me everything about her being upset and right away she said to me 'She is a leader'. I just smiled - and to be honest I couldn't talk to well because of all the freezing in my mouth - and the teacher said - 'you already knew that didn't you?" Lyla also called Miss Betty silly - which Miss Betty seemed to like. Lyla seemed happy at school and is excited to go back next week.

Here Lyla is which her lead teacher Miss Betty (in blue) and her assistant teacher -Miss Tiffany.

We drove home and Lyla sang some songs they had sang at school, told me what Miss Betty had said about certain things and told me what she had done at school. She received a present from the class - a Disney fairies Frisbee - for joining the class. And we are excited to go again next week.

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PAM said...

Well, she is adorable and so grown up. Her teachers look very nice and loving.

Love your front porch as well.