Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Go P!

Some of you know that we are fortunate enough to live very close to a high school. This allows us to hear the band practicing from our backyard during the late summer months, it also allows us to go and see the band practicing. We did that throughout the summer and Lyla thoroughly enjoyed it, so we decided to go and see the game with the football players, the cheerleaders, the crowd and of course the band.

We have been twice and Lyla enjoyed it very much. The first time was the best - she was very well behaved and the weather was beautiful. The second was a bit more challenging with typical two year old behaviour. So lets just say, we have seen the game twice and we probably will call it a season. Here are some pictures from our time at the game. As you can guess the home team was in red.. So Lyla really enjoys the cheerleaders as well. To explain 'Lets go P!'. As most of you know we are in the midst of trying to potty train Lyla. Potty training is quite the dramatic event as all you parents know. You sing, you dance you put on all the charms to lure your child to the potty. So, at the game the cheer leaders where cheering to Lyla saying - Lets go D - as in defense, well our little Lyla turned to me and said - 'They are saying - Lets go P!'. She had a big smile on her face and started to cheer along with them. It made both of us laugh.

Checking out the football game...

And boy oh boy did we luck out. We got to sit right beside the band. And they played songs during the game, Lyla was right beside them both nights. She especially like the Tuba.

And this is what we go for - the band playing their half time show.

So next time you are watching a football game and you hear the cheerleaders cheer 'lets go D' remember my little story and it sure to put a smile on your face.

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