Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Babe's Room Continued

This past week the babe did quite well again with purchases made in it's honor. My parent's came and visited us and bought us the crib that we wanted for the nursery. We put it together in a flash and it looks great in the room. A lot larger than it looked in the store's display room, but still looks great. I haven't washed the bed linens yet so I haven't got a photo with it all dolled up, but here it is as it looks now.

Then today, Ryan and I headed out to Lowes and bought some supplies to work on the babe's closet to make more room in it. I think we did a great job, and it gives us more space. The cubby holes are great, since we are not going to buy a dressor rather, we are going to buy a change table with baskets instead.

We also put up a new curtain rod and hung up our valence.

Next we will have to put up the wallpaper border. The Sherman William's paint guys told us to wait 2 weeks before we put up the border to ensure the paint was cured, so we will do that in a week or so.

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People are going to need to buy you something for showers, if you buy all of Babies R Us, there will be nothing left for them to spoil the babe with :)

that is one fine looking nursery...when can I come for a sleep over?