Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lyla's New Pool

On Friday, I accidentally put an end to Lyla's pool that she inherited from her cousins. When I went to dump out the water, my finger went through the vinyl. Ryan and I tried to patch it but it was right by a seam so the patch did not work. Luckily for us the pools are now on clearance so we got a new pool for a pretty good deal.

The pool has its pros and cons. Pro being that it has this cool pelican (Lyla and I both think that it looks more like a duck) anyways, this pelican that sprays water out and it came with six fish for Lyla to play with. The cons are that this pool is not as high so Lyla can just walk in and out of the pool. As well Lyla is able to stand up more in this pool which is dangerous and bothers me alot, so we will see how it goes. She usually plays well for a bit while sitting on her bottom then tries to get up and stand near the end. Then she says 'All done' and I take her out and now because it is shorter she steps back in and then it is a power struggle between me and her trying to get her to sit back down on her bottom. So we will see how it goes. When we had the bigger pool she would stand at the side of the pool and say 'Ready' to me so I would lift her up and put her in the pool

Here are some pics of her playing in her new pool.

I think that this pool will be a hit for the rest of the summer. Funny, last night after our walk we came home and I said to Lyla to go show her Daddy her knew pool. Next thing we knew Lyla was in the pool with her clothes on!!

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